Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
Directed by Joe Berlinger. Stars Zac Efron, Lily Collins, John Malkovich, Jim Parsons. Netflix. Songs.

Lost In Florence
Dramatic feature film shot in Italy directed by Evan Oppenheimer. Stars Brett Dalton, Alessandra Mastronardi, Stana Katic, Alessandro Prezisoi and Marco Bonini.

House of Teeth
Dramatic short written and directed by Susanna Styron.

Love Walked In
Columbia Tri Star feature film. Directed by Juan Campanella (Secret in Their Eyes), starring Terence Stamp, Denis Leary. Score: Orchestral, Suspense, thriller.

New Jersey Drive
Gramercy/Universal Pictures. Dramatic Feature. Executive Producer, Spike Lee. Director, Nick Gomez. Score: Urban, jazz, orchestral.

Rescuing Desire
Pilgrim’s Four Feature film. Executive Producer Catherine M.Levin. Director, Adam Rogers. Score: Romantic comedy.

Dramatic feature. Directed by Charles Lane. Stars James Earl
Jones, Dennis Haysbert, Phyllicia Rashad.

Dramatic Feature. Sundance. Blowback Productions. Produced by Ezra Swerdlow, Score: Orchestral/World.

The Dutch Master
Comedy. Directed by Susan Seidelman. Co-produced by German television and Miramax. Academy Award nom-Best Live Action Short. Stars Mira Sorvino and Aida Tuturro. Score: comedic, offbeat.

Only You
Comedy feature. Director, Betty Thomas. Stars Helen Hunt, Andrew McCArthy. Score: Latin,comedic.

Dramatic feature. Blowback Productions. Director, Marc
Levin. Score: Offbeat and rock.

The Boy Who Cried Bitch
Psychological thriller. Director Juan Campanella. Stars Karen Young, Harley Cross. Score: orchestral, experimental.

Three Sisters in Ten Minutes
Comedy. Written by Tom Fontana. Directed by John Sanborn
and Mary Perillo. Score: offbeat and jazz.

King James Version
Dramatic Feature. Directed and produced by Robert Gardner.
Score: gospel, jazz, Afro-Brazilian, orchestral.

Five A.M.
Independent feature. Produced by Nick Tanis Company. Score:rock and experimental.

Emma & Elvis
Independent feature directed by Julia Reichert. Producer,
Brenda Goodman. Score: offbeat, blues.

Assassination of a Long Distance Runner
Directed by Miguel Chacour. Score: dramatic and experimental.


For The People
Dramatic series. (Pilot & series) LIFETIME. EPs: Ian Sander, Kim Moses.

(Pilot & series) NBC one- hour drama series (20 episodes). Stars Robert Davi, Allie Walker. EPs: Sander/ Moses. Score: electronica, contemporary, action.

Dear Diary
DREAMWORKS. EPs: Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg. Directed & written by David Frankel,Producer, Barry Jossen. Stars Bebe Neuwirth. Score: Comic, offbeat, jazz.

New York News
WARNER BROS /CBS drama series. Pilot, title theme, 13 episodes. EP: Ian Sander, Michelle Ashford and Kim Moses. Directed by Michael Apted. Score: Action/drama.

Maybe It’s Me (series)
WARNER BROS Comedy series. (22 episodes) Stars Fred Willard, Julia Pat Sweeney. EPs: Jay Daniel, Suzanne Martin, Jeff Martin. Score: offbeat, rock.

(reality series)Produced by Liz Garbus, Rory Kennedy. Co-produced by
Alison Ellwood. Oxygen TV. Score: Urban,Latin, contemporary, and world.

Sony/Tri-Star. Directed by Dean Parisot.Stars Amy Brenneman. Score:

Paramount Television. Directed by Stewart Cooper. Score:Action, Drama.

The Uninvited
CBS. EP: Thomas Carter. Directed by Eric Laneauville. Stars Beau Bridges, Sharon Lawrence. Score: Dramatic, thriller.

Chasing the Dragon
ABC. Executive Produced by Ian Sander and Kim Moses.
Directed by Ian Sander. Score: Guitar based, contemporary.

The Calvin Mire Story
HBO drama. Directed by Juan Campanella.Produced by The Entertainment Group. EP Sheila Nevins. EMMY AWARD WINNER.

Someone She Knows
EPs Thomas Carter, Ian Sander.NBC. Directed by Eric Laneauville. Drama.

Philly Heat
Executive Producer Tom Fontana.Directed by John Coles. Hour dramatic pilot. ABC.

Dead Drunk
HBO drama. Directed by Juan Campanella. Stars Sam Rockwell.Produced by The Entertainment Group.EMMY AWARD WINNER.

Love Off Limits
CBS drama. Directed by Steve Guttenberg. Stars John Savage,
Anne Meara, Steve Guttenberg. The Entertainment Group.

No Visible Bruises
HBO drama. Directed by Juan Campanella.Produced by The Entertainment Group. EMMY AWARD WINNER. Score: action/drama. Sheila Nevins, Exec. Producer.

The Becky Bell Story
HBO drama. Directed by Juan Campanella.Produced by The Entertainment Group. Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer.EMMY AWARD WINNER. Score: dramatic.

New Year
Dramatic pilot. ABC. Tom Fontana, John Tinker,
EPs. Stars Stacey Keach and Jane Alexander.
Score: drama, orchestral and offbeat.

Blink of Paradise
Directed by Karen Young. Stars Martha Plimpton. Score: offbeat, drama.

The Adventures of Kitty Hoy
Dramatic pilot. Executive producer, Mike Nesmith, Pacific Video Arts. Produced and directed by John Sanborn, Mike Kaplan. Score: offbeat jazz and experimental.

Pride and Joy
Produced by Rebo Studios and NHK, Japan. Directed by John Sanborn, Mary Perillo and Bill Davis. Score: jazz.

Infinite Escher
Drama starring Sean Lennon. Directed by John Sanborn, Mary
Perillo. Music also by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Score: offbeat pop and
sound design.


Desert One
Directed by Barbara Kopple.
Editor Writer Francisco Bello. Prod. David Cassidy.

Ai Weiwei Yours Truly
Director, Cheryl Haines. Co- Director Editor Gina Leibrecht. Producers, Christy McGill, Cassandra Jabola. Creative Producers, Sharon Wood.

Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists
HBO Special. EP, Nancy Abraham, Directors, Steve McCarthy, John Block and Jonathan Alter. Editors, Geof Bartz, Co Angela Gandini.

Walking Thunder: Ode to the African Elephant
EP Wendy Blackstone, Lori Cheatle. Producers, Marie Wilkinson, Wendy Blackstone, Cyril Christo. Directors M Wilkinson, C Christo. Editors David Aubrey, Nancy Kennedy, Sara Booth. Consultant, Alison Ellwood. Writing Consultant, Sharon Wood.

Locked In:The Victoria Arlen Story
Directed by Alison Ellwood. Produced by Gary Cohen, Alison Ellwood, Nicky Usbay. Edited by Alison Ellwood.ESPN.

Warning: This Drug may Kill You
HBO Special. EP Sheila Nevins. Director Perri Peltz, Super Prod S Bernstein,
Editor Geof Bartz, co Angela Gandini, Producer Sascha Weiss, Larissa Bills.

I Am Evidence
HBO. Produced by Mariska Hargitay, Directed by Trish Adlesic,
Geeta Ghandbhir. Supervising Prod for HBO Nancy Abraham, EP Sheila Nevins.

Out of My Head
Produced by Jacki Ochs and Susanna Styron. Directed and written by Susanna Styron. Edited by Francisco Bello.

American Jihad
Produced by Sarah Dowland. Directed and written by Alison Ellwood. Exec Producer Alex Gibney, Jigsaw Productions, Film 45.Showtime.

Where has the Play Gone?
Directed and Produced by Kirk Simon, Simon+ films.
Edited by Emily Williams.

The Girl in the River
HBO Special. Directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy,
Exec Producer Sheila Nevins, edited by Geof Bartz.

100 Years of Pulitzer
Directed and Produced by Simon+ films, Kirk Simon.
Edited by Emily Williams.

Tony Robbins : I am Not Your Guru
Directed and Produced by Joe Berlinger. Radical Media.
Prod, Linda Gray, Edit, Cy Christensen.

Mr Deng Goes to Washington
Directed by Hongxing Fu.
Independent Chinese film Group.

Larry Kramer: In Love and Anger
HBO Special. EP Sheila Nevins, Director Jean Carlomusto. Editor, Geof

Whitey: United States of America vs James J. Bulger
CNN/Radical Media. Directed by Joe Berlinger. Sundance
Film Festival, 2014.

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press One
HBO special. Producer, Dana H. Perry, Ellen
Goosenberg. EP Sheila Nevins. Editor, Geof Bartz.

America By the Numbers
EP Maria Hinojosa. Doc series. Series Producers Marty Spanninger,
Charlotte Mangin.

Dangerous Acts : Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus.
Directed and produced by Madeleine Sackler. Exec Prod Andrea Meditch.

No Limits
ESPN Special. Directed by Alison Ellwood. Exec Producer
Jane Rosenthal. Producer Gary Cohen.

Cast the First Stone
Directed by Jonathan Stack and Nicolas Cuellar.

Weight of the Nation
HBO 4 part series. EP Sheila Nevins, John Hoffman
Producer. Sup. Editor Paola Heredia.

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
Directed by Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky. Produced by
Joe Berlinger. Radical Media, HBO. EP, Sheila Nevins. ACADEMY AWARD Nominee, 2012.

Strangers No More
Academy Award Winner 2011. Exec Prod. Sheila Nevins.
Simon Goodman Pictures. Produced by Karen Goodman and
Kirk Simon. Co-Producer/editor, Nancy Baker.

The Harvest
Directed and Produced by Robin Romano. Shine Global.

Miracles of Science: Alzheimers Project
HBO. 2 part special. E.P. Sheila Nevins, Maria Shriver.
Producers Jon Hoffman, Susanne Froemke. Editor, Paula

Radical Media. Produced & directed by Joe
Berlinger. Coproducer, Mike Bonfilgio.

Master Class season 1 & 2
HBO series. Executive Producer, Sheila Nevins.
Simon & Goodman Pictures, Producers. Twelve episodes.

To Be Heard
Director, Producers: Ed Martinez, Deborah Shaffer. Roland LeGiardi Laura, Amy Sultan.

Lord is Not on Trial Here Today
Emmy Nomination for BEST SCORE. Director, J. Rosenstein

Locks Of Love
HBO. Executive Producer, Sheila Nevins. Producers Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon. Co -Producer,editor Nancy Baker.

ALIVE DAY: Memories From Iraq
HBO Special. Executive produced by James Gandolfini and
Sheila Nevins. Produced and Directed by Ellen Goosenberg,
John Alpert.

Secrets of the Code
Feature length Documentary directed by Academy award
winning Jonathan Stack. Produced by Donald Zuckerman. Based on the best seller by Dan Bernstein, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.

Ten Days That Shook the World.
Directed by Joe Berlinger. Series producer Sidney Beaumont. Produced by Rachel Dawson, Michael Bonfiglio. Emmy Award.

Snoop Dogg’s Youth Authority
Exec. Produced by Jonathan Stack and Snoop Dogg.
Directed by Gabriel London.

Human Behavior Experiments
Executive Produced by Magnolia Films. Produced by Alex Gibney, Eva Orner and Alison Ellwood. Sundance Channel.

9/12 : Chaos To Community
Directed by Susanna Styron. Produced by Jacki Ochs. Eleventh Hour Films.

Gray Matter
Directed by Joe Berlinger. Produced by S. Beaumont
R. Dawson, M. Bonfiglio. Executive Prod. Sheila Nevins

Arrow of Time
Directed and Produced by Dana Berry and Eric Chaisson. Contemporary orchestral and electronica.

Virtual Corpse
HBO. Executive Producer, Sheila Nevins Directed by Joe Berlinger. Score: Electronica, Sound design. Producer, Sidney Beaumont.

The Execution of Wanda Jean
HBO produced /directed by Elizabeth Garbus and Rory
Kennedy. Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer.

Army of God
HBO and Offline Entertainment. Directed by Marc Levin.
Produced by Daphne Pinkerson. Score: guitar driven. Executive
Produced by Sheila Nevins.

900 Women
Gabriel Films, produced by Jonathan Stack.

Into The Volcano
Executive Producer David Royle. NGTV. Produced by David
Meyer. Orchestral and ethnic score.

Shadow of a Doubt
Feature sequel to Academy Award nominated film “The Farm”.
Produced by Gabriel Films, Jonathan Stack. Score: Blues and

Life Beyond Earth
Two hour special created by Timothy Ferris. Co-Produced by
Linda Feferman and T. Ferris. Score: Orchestral/Sound Design.

No Dreams Deferred
Executive Produced by Camille Cosby. COC productions.Produced, directed Elisabeth Benjamin. Score:Orchestral, jazz.

Switched At Birth
One hour dramatic pilot for ABC’s “Turning Point” series.
Produced by Rudy Bednar. With Barbara Walters.

Desperate Choices
HBO drama. Produced by HBO/Maysles.EMMY AWARD WINNER Directed by Susan Froemke, Deborah Dickson. Sheila Nevins, EP.

My Mother’s Murder
HBO drama. Directed by Charles Stuart. Score: Orchestral.
Sheila Nevins, EP.

Farewell Good Brothers
Science fiction drama. Produced by La Sept. Directed by Robert
Stone. Score: Sci fi/ fun.

LA Is It
Produced by Kingfish Prods. Written by John Gregory
Dunne. Score: Big band jazz.

Christo in Paris
Feature documentary. Music also by Philip Glass. Produced by
Albert Maysles, Directed Susan Froemke, Deborah Dickson.

Words on Fire
Special for Alive from Off Center Directed by John Sanborn.
Produced by John Schott.

Rituals: Three Portraits
One-hour documentary for ABC. Produced by DB Production
Group. Score: classical.

Inside Gorbachev’s USSR
SERIES AND THEME. Executive producer, Martin Smith. WGBH.
Score: orchestral and choral.

Eyes on the Prize
II Executive producer, Henry Hampton, Blackside Inc. Director,
Jim Debeni, Dave Lacy. Score: Southern blues, jazz and gospel.

Documentary produced by Skylight Pictures. Directed and
produced by Pam Yates, Ruth Shapiro and Ed Burke. Score:
jazz and Latin.

Dance of Hope
Feature documentary produced and directed by Deborah
Shaffer. Score: Latin, rock, jazz and sound design.

Outrageous Taxi Stories
Produced and directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky.
Score: offbeat rock and jazz, sound design.

Produced by True Stories, Inc., Claudia Hoover.
Directed by Lisa Leeman. Score: jazz.

The Lodz Ghetto
Produced by Alan Adelson, directed by Kate
Taverna, Alan Adelson. Written by Janet Roach. EP, Steve Samuels. 108 minute score: orchestral and experimental. Sundance.

A Stitch for Time
Directed by Nigel Nobel. Produced by Cyril Christo and Barbara Herbich. Score: orchestral, global, ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE, BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY.


Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 Written and performed by Anna Deavere Smith. Produced and directed by George C. Wolfe. Premiered at the Joseph Papp
Public Theatre. Debuted on Broadway at the Cort Theatre.
Two Tony Award nominations, Drama Critics Circle Award
Winner, Obie Award Winner.

The End Of Polio for UNICEF with photography by Pulitzer award winning photographer Sabastiao
P.O.V Series Theme


2017 Nominated for Emmy for the original music for “Girl In The River”.
2017 Premieres “Lost In Florence”, Produced and scored by Wendy in the US and Florence, Italy.
2017 Panelist PNYA on Music and Sound.
2016 Honored with AMPAS membership.
2016 “Love Walked in” Finale performed at Orchestral Event in LA to celebrate top women film composers.
2016 Gives presentation of her work in Italian at NSJA culture center, Florence,Italy.
2014 Produces on location, filming of “Lost In Florence”
2013, Guest Panelist at multiple film festivals, NYWIFT and ASCAP SCL on Art of film scoring.
2013 Whitey Sundance Premiere
2013 Toronto Premiere of Dangerous Acts.
2012 Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory Sundance
2012, Documentary starts about Ms. Blackstone and her work, by Alessandra Chiappetti, photojournalist and documentarian.
2012, Interviewed and published in article for Voice of America on Best Original Score for Oscars, 2012 written and produced by Adam Phillips.
2011 Crude, Sundance
Guest Speaker Pratt Grad Film Classes on filmscoring 2008-2017
NYWIFT panels on Film Scoring 2006, 2007, 2009.2011, 2012.
JURY feature films at the TORINO 11th International Film Festival, 2004.
Film Music Seminars on Film music at The Netherlands Maritz Binger Institute, Amsterdam, 1996-2001
Recorded score for LOVE WALKED IN, in PRAGUE, November 1996. Full orchestra plus sounds.
Featured in the Book “The Cutting Edge of the 90’s”, by TANAKA, MASON AND KASTABI, 1992
Invited to create the Opening Music for UNICEF’s International ECO FEST in Rio, Brazil, 1992.
1997 Sundance Film Festival with Juan Campanella and Love Walked In.
Signed to CAA, First female film composer, 1990.